How I was murdered in my own home and lived to pay for it.

Thats All Folks - The last page. Final thoughts for this set of life events.

Sammy The Miniature Schnauzer Animated Rope Noose Roxanne, Nicholas, Douglas Golde

That's All Folks!

It happens to occur to me that after living and working, owning a home, having a career and family and friends, all of who'm betrayed me in the USA, the only thing I have left to take from the USA as I am forced to leave there, are these two photos of me as a child.

Photos taken by someone else, in a place I did not know, being driven there by my mother and father in the back seat of their car with a bag over my head, and my hands tied behind my back, to ensure I could not witness against them or it.

So to my friend Sammy the Miniature Schnauzer, and to Nicholas the son of Roxanne and Doug Golde, who they adopted from Moscow Russia, I say I did what I could for you.

Those who claimed to care about you (and me) had other ideas and despite their wrong doing, I made an effort to help you as much as I could.

With that, I wish the rest of you good luck.

It has been fun.

Photo Of Terry Allen Jones As A Child Photo Of Terry Allen Jones As A Child

Make that three photos, here is another one my father did with me wearing my new starched dress shirt, shoving a butter knife into a wall outlet.

Photo Of Terry Allen Jones As A Child

By the way, Germany loves kids too. They are at fault as well of course, since this is where Heike came from.

Heike is a product of German State and this is about protecting those in State who predate upon, torture, harm, and kill children.

Adios Adolf! Or is that Angela Merkel?

Cheers losers!

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