How I was murdered in my own home and lived to pay for it.

Help For The Useless.

Help For The Useless:

For those of you who are so worried about where I am at, your usual standard first question made to me is not how are you, but WHERE are you.

Here is a location photo of where I am at. You know who YOU are. And so do I. Where I am at you will never know, and you don't need to know that either. Nor will it matter.

Terry Allen Jones Escape Pod

For those of you who have helped, given I have had medical intervention on at least 5 homicides done to me, likely more than I know, please accept my sincere thanks and gratitude for what you have done to make it possible for me to still be here.

Without you I would certainly have remained dead thanks to those who "cared" about me and their friends in the US law enforcement mafia who made the child rapes and murders possible. And with that my voice to speak against what was done and in support of the others who are harmed, would have been lost forever otherwise, that is also horridly wrong.

Canada is on that list since they were the only ones who were able to recover and revive me as a child, being drowned in Lake Ontario. US State and law thought enough to attempt to undo that good deed. Odd really.

For those who helped, you know who you are likely, and I likely will never know given the problem as it is or was. Thank you again.

For the rest of you who played on vanity, lied, got in the way to make things worse etc, you can all go to hell. Nobody needs you or cares about your points of view.

You know who you are, and I know all I need to know. Here is where I am at now. Smile and look into the camera. You will receive no mercy now. Ring, ring, hung.

Terry Allen Jones Mug Shot