How I was murdered in my own home and lived to pay for it.

Quacks - Medical Perverts and Other Imposters.

Quacks - Medical Perverts and Other Imposters.

Those who'd pretend to be doctors or any other profession.

Those who participated in this medical murder malpractice and mayhem festival.

The fact mental hygiene laws and treatment are allowed to go as far as they do for the reasons they go there is all you need to discredit that branch of "Medicine" in total.

The fact that these useless medications are forced upon victims of crime and atrocity even those with horrid brain and other CNS injury from poisoning events etc, says there is no truth or medical ethic or efficacy in this discipline.

Diagnostics and offers to treat have no basis in fact and treatments are sophistry and involve specious innuendo and other frauds and a large want to have the victim validate them for medical doctors doing this.

These treatments are useless since you are not treating the injury, you refuse to see it, most often you are causing new harms, and obscure current harms, and then you enable the victim into the same situations that made the problems to begin with.

Given the fact health providers would work with law enforcement (who in my case caused the child and other harm) who knew full and well that a person is a victim of horrid abuse, torture, murder, and mayhem as well as having them act with those doing the abuse and harm, especially abusive spouse and parents, says these people have no foundation in fact ever.

Given the fact such providers would deny actual or other treatment to intervene on such things as murder, attempted murder by poisoning etc and the fact this is allowed to go on for decades and to the point of the victim being dead more than once, says you will never get any help in this way and this medicine is murder in total and in fact.

No legal basis for it.

A crooked fool with a crooked smile.

The problem for Dr. Piwko and his associates is he acted to harm me, acted with prejudice protecting those like my father over me, as Piwko was also my father's medical care provider.

By that he partook in the murders and protected those who made the child harms including of course the sex and violence done to us as children.

You can not allow that.

And he and others are mandated reporters.

The other problem is the enabling of current harms.

The notion that these doctors were doing tests to determine efficacy of treatments, and the notion of them looking for indicators of disease or toxins says they did this to allow Heike and others to harm me to the point of death.

There is no truth in them or in their witness or diagnostics or medicine.

This is medical murder.

And for those people like these doctors and Police, those who never make mistakes and do that by refusing to correct or acknowledge them, they can't move forward in that mode since they later need to rely on murdering their mistakes lest they account for them to resolve them.

This is same trap and problem they enable with murdering pedophile parents et al who murder their victims in order to remain perfect.

And these doctors enable this problem as does the law with the want to say we are diagnosing this situation and are here to act to correct problems.

That never was forthcoming, the intervention that is, which says you are in harm's way. And it lead to more death, again. Which was medically documented in the past and they lied to me about it once more. You are done.

And for such people, they usually arrive at the last second when someone else decides to enforce the law so they can get on that train to seem right now. When in fact they should have acted decades ago.

The other problem is the tactic whereby these agents of state and medicine offered to use threat of violence to compel their medical and other frauds moving forward. Won't happen.

And for the law and medical doctors etc, you should have told me something instead of attempting to sell me on the opposite, that being this is my fault. It is not.

Dr. John Argue - Our family doctor and local town of Wilson Quack. Loved to rub in the fact he was rich and collected cars with the money he stole from the local idiots who went to him. Almost killed me by shoving a 2 foot long large bore hypodermic full of cortisone behind my kneecap and into an inflamed tendon and hitting it. This was just prior to the attack in summer of 1981. He later said to me when I woke up in the ER at Newfane Hospital, he was rather callous about the whole thing and evasive, he wanted to ask me what happened instead of telling me I had been cut. Since I did not remember it he said in that case you had an accident. Argue is now deceased, Town of Wilson still maintains a shrine in his honor and ignorance.

From: Daniel Argue <>
Subject: Re: Argee
Date: Fri, 6 Feb 2004 08:34:36 -0500


Below I have a transcription of an old study of Argue that you may find interesting. Note that most of the Argues are from Cavan. The name Argee shows up in the "Index to Kilmore and Ardagh Marriage Licence Bonds". Note too the many misspellings of Argue...most of which show up in other records as Argue. I take it from your e-mail that your Ruth was an "Argee".

I also have some more old Argue data posted at


although the Argee name is not specifically mentioned. Debbie Prince may have a missing a Ruth Argue from that time period... I don't know if she is on this list but her e-mail is

She is following several of the Argue lines.

Good luck and let me know how you make out.

Daniel Argue

This is a transcript of a study commissioned by Dr. John F. Argue of Wilson, NY sometime prior to 1978 by the Genealogical Office, Dublin Castle. I do not know of any copyright etc. An attempt was made to scan with OCR software (which mostly failed since the copy I am using of this study is in pretty rough shape). I attempted to copy the study exactly but as in any transcription errors may have occurred. Daniel Argue


The required search has now been completed, and it is possible that some measure of success has been achieved, though it is difficult to be certain since the identifying particulars are so few.

The Indexes to Griffith's Valuation of Co. Cavan in 1857 and to the tithe applotment books of about thirty years previously suggest that the name Argue (variously spelt) was relatively rare in the county.

The 1857 Valuation shows only a total of 14 householders of the name, confined to five parishes: likewise the name only appears in four parishes (and, moreover, precisely the same four parishes) in the tithe

The 1857 Valuation lists the following householders:

Barony of Tullygarvey Barony of Clankee
Parish Annagh-2 Parish of Baillieborough-2
Parish of Drung-6 Parish of Shercock - 3
Parish of Larah-1

The dates of the tithe applotment books vary: the surname occurs in some form in the following parishes:

Barony of Loughtee Lower Barony of Loughtee Upper
Parish of Annagh, 1825 Parish of Larah, 1833
Barony of Tullygarvey Barony of Clankee
Parish of Annagh, 1825 Parish of Shercock, 1825
Parish of Drung, 1833
Parish of Larah, 1833

Although Cavan is by far the best county in Ireland for surviving 1821 Census records, of the foregoing parishes the Census only exists for the Parishes of Drung and Larah (which were united and treated as one unit). This large volume was examined, but only one Argue family could be found, namely,

Townland of Coravahan
No.8 ? a one storey house
William Arguy, aged 38, farmer, 7-1/2 acres
Jane, wife, aged 35
Robert, son, aged 13
Margaret, daughter, 11
Henry, son, 3
Anne, daughter, 5
William, son, 2
The tithe applotment books of the four parishes were then examined, and
these show the following references:
Tithe book of Drung parish, 1833
Townland of Drumsrane - landlord the Rev. Charles Leslie
William Argue 10 acres and 20 perches - tithe payable 14s. ld.

Tithe book of Larah parish, 1834
Townland of Cordevlis
William Argue ? 6 acres and 2 roods- tithe payable 15s. 9d.
Tithe book of Shercock parish, 1825
Townland of Glesleck
Thomas Argue - 11 acres and 3 roods- tithe payable 10s. 10d.
Townland of Killcross
Thomas Argu - senior- 5 acres 3 roods and 2 perches ? tithe payable 6s.
George Argu - 6 acres- tithe payable 6s.
Thomas Argu and Widow West ? 6 acres 2 roods and 3 perches- tithe payable
7s. 2-1/2d.
Townland of Nolagh
Thomas Argu ? 18 acres and 31 perches ? tithe payable 19s. 0-3/4d.
Townland of Tullabrick
William Argu- 10 acres and 24 perches ? tithe payable 9s. 6d.

Tithe Book of Annagh parish, 1825
Townland of Ardamagh and Cooleassag
Thomas Argue ? 24 acres and 3 roods ? tithe payable L1 4s. 9d.
John Argue ? 12 acres- tithe payable 10s. 6d.
Townland of Nedegha
Widow Argue ? 5 acres and 10 perches ? tithe payable 5s. 1d.
Hall Argue ? 10 acres and 2 roods ? tithe payable 10 s. 6d.
Townland of Treehne
Widow Argue >
Abraham Argue >
Arthur O?Brian > 31 Acres and 2 roods ? tithe payable L1 3s. 7-1/2d.
Widow McEnery >
and Thos Cox >

It will be observed that the above reference is the first to show the use of the somewhat rare name Abraham by the Argues in Co. Cavan. The parish of Annah is a sizeable one, immediately west of Drung, in the north of the county along border with Monaghan. It includes the town of Belturbet, a place where Abraham Argue could easily have acquired the trade of harness maker.

The 1857 Valuation for the three parishes of Annagh, Drung and Larah was then examined. From this it emerges that the only Argues then left in Annagh parish were representatives of the most prosperous family on Ardamagh. The Valuation gives,

Parish of Annagh, 1857
Townland of Ardamagh
David Argue, holding from the Rev. Henry Cottingham, a house, offices and
land (48 acres 3 roods and 2 perches) valued at L33 5s.
Robert Argue, holding from the Rev. Henry Cottingham, a house, offices
and land (42 acres 1 rood and 16 perches) valued at L30.
Robert Argue, holding from William Coffey, land (5 acres 3 roods and 23
perches) valued at L 4 10s.
Parish of Drung, 1857
Townland of Cornagall
Henry Argew, holding from Richard Montgomery, a house, offices
and land (17 acres 3 roods) and land (1 acre 3 roods and 38 perches)
valued at L16 5s.
Townland of Cullentragh
William Argew and Robert Argew, holding from Richard Montgomery,
a herd?s house and land (24 acres 2 roods and 14 perches) valued at L12
William Argew and Robert Argew, holding from Richard Montgomery,
land (1 acre 2 roods and 28 perches) valued at Ll 4s.
Townland of Drumnasreane
William Argew, holding from the Rev. Charles Leslie, a house,
offices and land (16 acres 3 roods and 17 perches) valued at L13 5s.
Townland of Drung
Robert Argew, holding from the Rev. Charles Leslie, a house,
offices and land (12 acre3 1 rood and 6 perches) valued at L 11 5s.
Townland of Gortskeagh
Robert Argew, holding from Earl Annesley, a house, offices and
land (44 acres 2 .roods and 2 perches) valued at L 30 5s.
Parish of Larah, 1857
Townland of Cordevlis
Edward Argew, holdling from Thomas Nesbitt, a house and land (8 acres 1
rood and 5 perches) valued at L5 5s.
The Index to Kilmore Wills up to 1858 has been much mutilated, and the
page that could contain any Argue entries has been torn away. There are
two 18th century references in the Index to Kilmore Administrations
Intestate, vis.,
John Argue, Corgaroe, 1766
Thomas Argue, Killevaney, farmer, 1762

There are also a number of 18th century entries in the Index to Kilmore and Ardagh Marriage Licence Bonds, which, however, only lists a tiny fraction of the licensed marriages in the dioceses. These are,

Argee Elizabeth and George Berney 1772
Argu Mary and Charles Fair 1844
Argue Jane and William Kenedy 1772
Margaret and Joseph Holmes 1770
Mary and Henry Jones 1767
Margaret and William Lyndon 1771
Thomas and Sarah Hinkston 1770

The Calendars to Irish Wills and Administrations from 1858 to 1877 shows only one Argue item, again referring to the fairly substantial family resident at Ardamagh, namely,

"17 September 1861. The will of Robert Argue late of Ardamagh, Co. Cavan, farmer, who died 12 July 1861 at the same place, proved at Cavan by Pheby Argue of Ardamagh, widow, one of the executors. Effects under L450."

Very few Church of Ireland registers for this area are available, either locally or in Dublin. However access was obtained to a transcript of the first volume of the registers of the united parishes of Drung and Larah, which covers the period 1785 to 1827, from which the following entries were extracted:

Baptisms 1785-1827
1816 August 25 Henry son of William Argy and Jane his wife
1819 September 18 William son of William Argue and Jane his wife
1823 February 23 John son of William Argue and Jane his wife
1827 January 14 George son of William Argue and Jane his wife

Marriages 1786-1827
1805 April 22 William Argue of the parish of Annah to Jane Leviston of
the parish of Drung, by licence
1819 December 6 Francis Leveston of the parish of Drung to Sarah Argue of
the same.

The 1805 marriage entry is interesting in showing that this family in Drung parish originated in the adjoining parish of Annagh. Presumably the elder children of this marriage (as listed in the 1821 Census) were baptized at Annagh, and William Argue only settled in his wife?s parish around 1815-16. It also seems to eliminate William as the potential father of the Abraham sought.

The Church of Ireland registers of Annagh (Belturbet) parish are in existence from 1801. No copy is available in Dublin, and the books themselves are in the custody of the local rector: it is suggested that the best means of pursuing the search may be to apply to the rector for the Argue entries in his registers, and this would be best done by direct correspondence.

It is hoped that such particulars as it has been possible to obtain will prove of interest and assistance. Unfortunately, it would not be feasible to undertake a search for Huston on the basis of the information submitted: the surname was fairly widespread in Ireland, and there are absolutely no identifying details.

Sources Consulted
The Public Record Office
The Index to Surnames, Co. Cavan
1821 Census Return of the parishes of Drung and Larah
Index to Kilmore Marriage Licence Bonds
Index to Kilmore Administrations
The tithe applotment book of Drung, 1833
The tithe applotment book of Larah, 1834
The tithe applotment book of Shercock, 1825
The tithe applotment book of Annagh, 1825
Index to Prerogative Wills 1811
Index to Prerogative Wills 1811-58
Calendars to Irish Wills and Administrations 1858-77
Griffith?s Valuation of Annagh parish , 1857
Griffith?s Valuation of Drung parish , 1857
Griffith?s Valuation of Larah parish , 1857
Church of Ireland parish registers of Ashfield: Baptisms 1821-1827 (gap
Trade Directory of Belturbet, 1824
The Church of Ireland parish registers of Drung and Larah
Baptisms 1785-1827
Marriages 1786-1827
Burials 1786-1827

On Fri, 6 Feb 2004 09:43:38 +1100 " Maureen P Moore" <>
> I have been searching without success for information on ARGEE
> family, and have now discovered this list and wonder if Argee is
> just a variation of spelling.
> Ruth Argee, age about 25, Native place Co. Cavan, was convicted in
> Tipperary 23 Jan 1847, and transported to Tasmania per "Waverley".
> She had a son, Joseph, aged 10, father Joseph Boyd. Joseph jnr.
> arrived in Tas. in 1849, travelling with Ann Argee, age 48, per
> "Lord Auckland" who was convicted in King's County 8 April 1848. I
> don't have any proof of the relationship between Ann and Ruth, but
> maybe they are mother and daughter?
> I would be very grateful if anyone can tell me anything of this
> family.
> Maureen Moore, Tasmania (g-g-grand daughter of Ruth)
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Don't fail to miss it....

One can not legally, logically, ethically, or otherwise be associated with or affiliated with this place, or these people, based on their past atrocity, and with their present and future refusals to get better.

There's your medicine.

This explains more of it then as I now see that Niagara County Sheriff Deputy William Faery is related to our local doctor John Argue, who is responsible also for the child harms, this connection is significant as well.


Birth: Oct. 4, 1912
Death: Jan. 28, 1999
Niagara County
New York, USA

Buffalo News
Sunday, January 31, 1999

Jean Kaiser Argue

Age 86, of Wilson, died Thursday,
January 28, 1999. Predeceased
by her husband, Dr. John Argue;
survived by one son, John (Carol)
Argue of Albuquerque, New Mexico,
two daughters, Mrs. Susan (Ronald)
Schearer of Wilson, and Mrs. Anne
(William) Faery of Chandler, Arizona;
one sister, Mrs. Elizabeth (Charlton)
Bulmer of Wilson; also survived by
five grandchildren and seven step-
grandchildren, three great-grand-
children and several nieces and
nephews. Friends may call at the
Hamilton & Clark, Inc., Funeral Home,
270 Young St., Wilson, Tuesday 2-4
and 7-9 PM. Private funeral services
will be held at the convenience
of the family. Burial will be in
Glenwood Cemetery, Lockport, NY
at the convenience of the family.
Flowers gratefully declined. Memorials
to the InterCommunity Memorial Hospital
at Newfane or to the Wilson Historical
Society, gratefully accepted.

Family links:
Charles Albert Kaiser (1879 - 1956)
Clara F. Huston Kaiser (1883 - 1970)

John Frederick Argue (1910 - 1986)*

*Calculated relationship

Glenwood Cemetery
Niagara County
New York, USA
GPS (lat/lon): 43.18314, -78.70887

Created by: Ellen Herrmann
Record added: Nov 15, 2014
Find A Grave Memorial# 138767242

Retired Social Security Number (SSN) 115-36-4189


Dr John Frederick Argue

Birth: Oct. 7, 1910
Niagara County
New York, USA
Death: Sep., 1986
Niagara County
New York, USA

Family links:
Frederick Argue (1875 - 1941)
Louisa Rose Bower Argue (1881 - 1975)

Jean Margaret Kaiser Argue (1912 - 1999)

John Frederick Argue (1910 - 1986)
Marion T. Argue (1913 - 1923)*

*Calculated relationship

Glenwood Cemetery
Niagara County
New York, USA
GPS (lat/lon): 43.18314, -78.70888

Created by: Ellen Herrmann
Record added: Nov 15, 2014
Find A Grave Memorial# 138767470

Retired Social Security Number (SSN) 058-34-7756

Dr. Castle DDS was my dentist as a child and my parents took me to him all the time for cleanings and drillings for no good reason.

This is part of their "Keeping Up Appearances" show thanks to General Motors, good health insurance for pedophiles, so they can seem like good parents with their outward offers of good faith via quackery.

Castle had offices here at 160 East Avenue Lockport NY 14094 USA:

All my molars and those adjacent to them are drilled to the sides for no reason, I never had ONE cavity or need to drill any teeth at all.

I have a mouth full of teeth drilled for profit and out of MALICE!

This was done before I was even 16. Molars and their neighbors drilled to all sides and packed with amalgam so when they break as one just did now, they leave four pointy shards of tooth to cut my tongue and cheeks open all the time. Lovely.

Dr. Castle of Lockport NY.

An Amherst NY DDS confirmed this was needless and done of malice...

I agree now.

Just the teeth alone is enough and this person dropped a bomb on me back in 1975 he knew would take till I was 50 to explode....

Plus having all that Mercury with me is no help.

Castle waited until the last minute I was nearly 17 and said I needed braces, also a lie.

Ritzenthaler commented I had too many teeth in my head, a medical joke about supernumerary teeth and pulled 4 permanent pre-molars to move my teeth around, needless....

Castle admitted this along with Ritzenthaler later.

Castle at one visit that had him drilling on my head I heard him mutter:

"By the time you figure this out I will be retired".

I was a child.

This also fits with the comments Ellen Golde made about taking Doug her son to a dentist in Wilson NY.

There is none in Wilson, and my father pointed this out later as her telling me lies to mock me about the harm Castle caused me intentionally. They conspired with her husband and sons Doug and Tom.

The rest of this fits along with the notion Doug would take used televisions and strap them into old chairs in their basement, his version of an electric chair.

So in effect I got a Gold(e) tooth.

See about the Golden Spike on the railroad where east meets west.

And the electric chair was invented by a dentist.

Goldes, namely Ellen and her sons and husband were not only aware of this problem they are involved in it.

Dr. Ritzenthaler - Admitted to me in the Summer of 1981 at the Wilson Boat House Restaurant that they had been harmful to me. He was sullen and withdrawn. Around this time or later he also lost three of his kids in a boating accident in Lake Ontario. He was my Orthodontist and that of the Farleys also. Credentialed from UB Med Dentistry.


In Memory of
James D. Ritzenthaler, DDS
Friday, January 27, 2017

Obituary of James Ritzenthaler, DDS

Dr. James Ritzenthaler, an orthodontist in Lockport for over forty years, died January 27th in Sarasota, FL. He was predeceased by his wife of 57 years, Sandy, who died September 4, 2016. Dr. Ritzenthaler treated three generations of Lockport adolescents and adults before retiring to Florida. He and his wife were active members of St. Mary Parish, avid boaters and skilled skiers. They are survived by three grown children and five grandchildren.

Please join us to remember and celebrate their lives at a memorial service which will be held Saturday, March 25 at 10:00 am at All Saints Church, 76 Church St., Lockport. Condolences may be offered to the family at

Dr. David E. Denzel - Admitted to me that they measured to make these cuts. It takes about an inch per year he said. Also said he went on a fishing expedition to locate the nerve endings making the larger gash in my arm, cut till you find what you want. Credentialed from UB Med.

Dr. Bellamkonda Raghu Of Brylin Hospitals Buffalo NY USA

Here is one of the doctors who harmed me back in Western NY, Dr. Bellamkonda Raghu. He and his associates Michael Mogerman and Oscar S. Lopez are part of this fraud that was used to harm me with medicine and to allow others to harm me violently.

This included the former spouse who attempted to murder me and those such as Doug Golde who conspired in the knife attack in 1981. Raghu et al knew I had been attacked this way and that my family was involved and they kept silent. They also knew the State was at fault. I was refused treatment at the county facility, Erie County Medical Center since they knew I was the victim of numerous crimes, that I had been drugged, and that the State was at fault. Instead they tried to doctor it up at Brylin and then hope to blame me for it.

Raghu and Lopez were formerly associated with Niagara Frontier Psychiatric Associates LLC 230 Bewley Building Lockport NY and had offices on Harlem Road in Amherst NY. They seem to have moved around a lot, making it very hard to find them or know where they work, and I was also abused by them as a patient at the hospital, they now have their offices in, Brylin Hospital in Buffalo NY:

Brylin Hospitals
1263 Delaware Avenue
Buffalo, New York 14209

I would avoid this hospital and anyone affiliated with it and I would avoid these "Doctors" and anyone affiliated with NFPA LLC.

Raghu looks to have fled Buffalo NY to be with his other co-conspirators in Connecticut such as Tom and Susan Palisano. Heike and Roger Berlind came initially to work and live in Hartford Connecticut and Heike worked there at Connecticut National Bank for a while before they came to Buffalo NY circa 1988.

Now claiming to be with "Catholic Charities" in Hartford CT @ 45 Wadsworth St Ste 2, Hartford, CT 06106 Raghu is in keeping with his religious based medical frauds and other quackery.

The problem at this point for Dr. Bellamkonda Raghu, and his associates is the following:

Raghu, Brylin, Lopez, Buffalo General, Kaleida Health, etc become the focal point of this problem since they and his friends in the law/state decided to act with my abusive non-spouse Heike Helga Jones and my murdering pedophile parents to poison me to death informally and extra judicially. This was the plan all along.

You'd need a death warrant on that at either the State (Now Defunct) or Federal levels. You won't get one.

Heike is installed there under false pretense and duress once more. Intentionally done to me.

Heike always worked with the notion and suggestion she is some kind of cop, etc. I can't marry in the USA and you'd not be able to marry an agent of law enforcement without formal disclosure made to you. The law knew this all along as did my father, recall offer of tossing out my SSN and card issued me in 1975....

And this removes and nullifies your State and death penalty for all others. Since you are guilty of murder and are willing to do it wrong to support raping your children and to protect those who do so.

You'd not use various compelled relations using shills, marital frauds, or murdering pedophile parents to enact that. Why would you? Since you are ok with rape, torture, and murder of children?

This came down to a contrived mental health diagnosis that was installed using Heike and SUNY Buffalo to begin with, then with information share and coaching via my parents and others such as Raghu in order to cause more harm and to enact this set of further felonies including torture and murder once more.

This was done with complete knowledge of my parent's past, how the law including social services with Ellen Golde and others, acted to support my parents and others in their prior murders, rapes, and torture done to me as a child. Using then my father and others to invoke the notion of corporal punishment. This is lunacy.

This person and his associates have no foundation in reality and this is nothing less than a medical slur and medical murder and they knew it.

This was all medically documented, including the death events and torture, and my medical data is being withheld from me with the claim it would be harmful for me to view it. Bogus.

These people belong in a death chamber.

You can discount his work of fiction in total given the fact Dr. Raghu is involved along with his lack of ethic and competence:

"Clinical description of an adult male with psychosis who showed FMR1 gene methylation mosaicism"

´╗┐Provider: John Wiley & Sons, Ltd

AU - Khin, Ni A.
AU - Tarleton, Jack
AU - Raghu, Bellamkonda
AU - Park, S.K.
TI - Clinical description of an adult male with psychosis who showed FMR1 gene methylation mosaicism
JO - American Journal of Medical Genetics
JA - Am. J. Med. Genet.
VL - 81
IS - 3
PB - John Wiley & Sons, Inc.
SN - 1096-8628
UR -<222::AID-AJMG3>3.0.CO;2-Y
DO - 10.1002/(SICI)1096-8628(19980508)81:3<222::AID-AJMG3>3.0.CO;2-Y
SP - 222
EP - 224
KW - fragile X syndrome
KW - unstable DNA
KW - psychosis
PY - 1998
ER -

Keep in mind this person Dr. Raghu and others used Heike and my father mostly to harp constantly on this notion that there is something wrong with my judgment. This was done to compel this new medical fraud and collusion to further compel these abusive relations. Constantly this was drilled into my head, when over the course of years they would not be able to offer ONE instance or exemplar of my "flawed judgment". Not one.

And this is despite telling lies to me and about me related to atrocities and child harms that are unspeakable, including lies about the attack in 1981 where I was murdered in the Wilson NY ambulance with a knife in this vivisection attack. All premeditated.

And my father has engaged in behaviors that included raping my sister and I as children, murdering me as a child more than once, torturing me as a child, sabotaging my new motorcycles stored in his garage for the winter, running me over with his John Deere garden tractor in the winter, and so it goes.... Lunacy.

Dr. Edward Stehlik MD Buffalo NY USA

Dr. Edward Stehlik - My primary care doctor recommended by Mike Scheuneman's wife Trish (Patricia) Sheldon who used to work for him. Stehlik's office later gave me a hard time about who is going to pay for (The care they claimed to offer needy people for free) the visit to discuss compensation claims and my injuries. I explained that they all are related and each of those parties is at fault. Efforts to discuss the poisoning event by my wife had Patty the head nurse there claim this is between me and my wife, odd that. And efforts to discuss the knife wounds had her slam closed her chart and then say our meeting was over. She claimed I am being paranoid simply because I wanted to discuss knife wounds. How lame is that?

Male, Age 61, Graduated 1977, Tufts University School Of Medicine

Northtown Medical Group, PC 1783 Colvin Blvd Buffalo, NY 14223
+1 (716) 218-3887

Dr. Michael Mogerman - Mogerman attempted to cover for his associate Raghu after Heike poisoned me in Summer of 2003. They tried to claim that there still was no violent harm and they still attempted to compel me to take psychotropic medications even with brain damage as was done. This was beyond wrong and they knew it, this was done to make them look right and it ended up covering for her harm. Heike did this, left me to die as she vacationed for three weeks with her parents in Murrhardt Germany and then came back to find me alive and she dumped me into the Buffalo General ER with the claim I had some kind of breakdown.

Psychiatry, Board Certified Male, Age 64 (as of September 2019), Tel Aviv University / Sackler Faculty of Medicine

Northtowns Psychiatry 479 Englewood Ave Buffalo, NY 14223

Old NFPA site

Northtowns Psychiatry
479 Englewood Ave
Buffalo, NY 14223
+1 (716) 831-9030 (Office)

It is looking like Lopez, Erkilla, Raghu, Mogerman and the rest are splitting up and this is done to deceive but they all still work together.

I'd be seeking death penalties for my parents, these medical providers, my former spouse, and the Police since this is homicide and treason.

Mogerman has the following charges levied against him by NY State's Department of Health. I'd guess that his involve in the homicides and efforts at medical murder and mayhem as done to me will also come around eventually, as they should.

These documents were obtained from NY State by doing a search using their website for legal actions against doctors licensed in NY State.

Michael Scott Mogerman
NYS License Number: 196919
Date of NYS Licensure: 08-17-1994
National Provider ID: 1457305773

Here are my copies of those PDF files as of September 01, 2019:



Dr. Frederick Piwko MD Lockport NY USA Dr. Frederick Piwko MD Lockport NY USA

Dr. Fred Piwko - My primary care physician after Stehlik. Piwko harmed me with an immunization just before (Monday June 02, 2003) my wife made her nearly fatal attack on June 06, 2003. I have to think these were done together in that they used one to cover for the other and the harms were overlapped and intentional. This is my father's doctor and he suggested I see Fred, a bad idea I now learn. My father is not on my side and neither is Fred.

Frederick Joseph Piwko, Sr
NYS License Number: 213857
Date of NYS Licensure: 05-04-1999
National Provider ID: 1639196421

Male, Age 48 (as of September 2019), Graduated 1996, State University of New York At Buffalo

Fred has moved to his new office across the street. A shame he won't be staying long...

Fred's Old Site:

Fred Now Hides Here:

Contact Us Dr. Frederick Piwko
3805 Lockport Olcott Rd
Lockport, NY 14094
(716) 439-4248, (716) 439-4838 Fax

A link to Drop Dead Fred's HealthGrades page: (I give him an "F")

The problem for Dr. Piwko and his associates is he acted to harm me, acted with prejudice protecting those like my father over me, as Piwko was also my father's medical care provider.

By that he partook in the murders and protected those who made the child harms including of course the sex and violence done to us as children.

You can not allow that.

And he and others are mandated reporters.

The other problem is the enabling of current harms.

The notion that these doctors were doing tests to determine efficacy of treatments, and the notion of them looking for indicators of disease or toxins says they did this to allow Heike and others to harm me to the point of death.

There is no truth in them or in their witness or diagnostics or medicine.

This is medical murder.

Peggy Warne

Medical Murder For Hire Staff: Peggy Warne

Amber Nocek

Amber Nocek

Becky Harding

Becky Harding

Gina Baker

Gina Baker

Judy Grinnell, Rose_Baker, Linda Leavesley

Judy Grinnell, Rose Baker, Linda Leavesley

Molly Rickard

Molly Rickard

Office Of Dr. Frederick Piwko MD Lockport NY USA

Instruments Of Torture Und Mayhem

Office Of Dr. Frederick Piwko MD Lockport NY USA

Ze Autopsy

Office Of Dr. Frederick Piwko MD Lockport NY USA

Kerb Appeal

Office Of Dr. Frederick Piwko MD Lockport NY USA

Heller Skeller Bank Teller

Office Of Dr. Frederick Piwko MD Lockport NY USA

No Blue Shift Here

Office Of Dr. Frederick Piwko MD Lockport NY USA

One Shift Two Shift Red Shift Blue Shift ?

Lethal Injection At The Office Of Dr. Frederick Piwko MD Lockport NY USA

Lethal Injection Time !!!

J Michael Collard DDS
2690 Sheridan Dr, Tonawanda, NY 14150
+1 (716) 876-8136

Managed to stab me in the shoulder by dropping a dental pick when I made a joke about my retainer. Poked into one of my few remaining good teeth, a molar or adjacent one and said you have a cavity there, or you will have one later.

So far after 21 years he is still wrong and that tooth is fine. He pierced it with the pick hoping to ruin the enamel. Similar to what the female hygienist did at Amerhst Dental Group who ruined the side of one of my molars intentionally. Dr Stanley Shainbrown, DDS admitted he knew she did this and that there was something wrong with my fillings saying he'd never seen anything so drastic and wrong. And that he would take photos and pursue it.

In keeping with the want to say maybe someone else caused this harm, I have not had any real dental care since before 1981 and all this harm was caused, including the braces, I did not need.

Modulo two visits later on. Once a cleaning where I went to Heike's dentists at the Amherst Dental Group in 1993 and I had to ask the dental hygienist to stop what she was doing. I was there for a checkup and cleaning of my teeth and during that time she started scraping the enamel off one of my few remaining good molars with no filling, the right lower all the way in back, right at the gum line. She claimed she was removing plaque at the gum line but she was in fact ruining the tooth and that scrape is still devoid of enamel now. It was done to wreck the tooth and to force me to have surgery to remove it in pieces.

I stopped her since I knew she was pressing too hard and I said that is fine, let me look at it and I will come back later. She and they knew the others were drilled wrong also. I did a no show on my next appointment from that one and they said based on that they did not want my business. Seems harsh, they again did not want me back since they are to blame for new harm.

Amherst Dental Group
777 hopkins road
williamsville, ny 14221

Following that I visited Dr. Collard at the recommendation of another faux "friend" Mike Scheuneman. Collard was able to remove a retainer on my lowers without killing me, I joked when he offered I could keep it that it would make a nice cheese slicer and with that he laughed so hard he dropped the dental pick and it stuck into my shoulder. After that he started poking into a good tooth and said you will have cavity there now. Meaning this is a fraud don't come back to me. As in I just poked holes in your teeth to make them hurt and then drilled them to fill them. He knew about Castle. So did Shainbrown, at Amherst Dental Group.

J Michael Collard DDS
2690 Sheridan Dr, Tonawanda, NY 14150
+1 (716) 876-8136

Again this was all more doctoring the problem up for abusive parents who can make it seem like they are good parents when in reality they are going to use medicine to murder their mistakes.

These people are felons who harm children and calling them quacks is too kind.

The DDS at Amherst Dental Group took photos of the damage and told me this was needless and done of malice given how they will break.

Dr. Jeffrey Moldovan - I saw him in the UPMC Horizon ER in Greenville, PA June 09, 2003 after Heike had poisoned me. They did blood work and a CT Scan and saw the damage, Moldovan commented that this would knock my socks off, that I had some kind of ear condition I forgot the name of it (Labyrinthitis) and he prescribed Meclizine or Antivert. In reality I had been all but fatally poisoned and they knew that and sent me on my way.

110 N. Main St. Greenville, PA 16125 +1 724-588-2100

Family Practice, Board Certified Male, Age 52, Graduated 1989, Philadelphia College of Osteopathic Medicine

Dr. Aaron Pfalzer - I went to him again at the Millard Fillmore Suburban ER around 10/2004 with ongoing complaints about the damage Heike had done. He became defensive, implied why did I wait this long, this was already discussed is my position but he made that excuse also, he really was hostile and evasive as was the discharge nurse, they made a number of prejudicial and misleading statements in the medical records that implied he was acting in a vigilante capacity and justified that by slamming my character with them. And denied me treatment again. Some odd remark about the colors being cooler etc that I never said. All in all a fraud justified by retaliation and denial of treatment offering I deserved this since I did something wrong. Which is not true.

Emergency Medicine, Board Certified Male, Graduated 2001, State University of New York At Buffalo
3 Gates Cir Suite 190 Buffalo, NY 14209

They offered medicine as retaliation. In keeping with their other crimes and frauds.

Dr. David Warren Farley DDS Roanoke VA USA Dr. David Warren Farley DDS Roanoke VA USA

David Farley also lived near us on Washington Street in Wilson NY and went to my high school. He is part of the cabal of people who harmed me as a child and their church was involved also.

David W. Farley, D.D.S.
5002 Brambleton Ave.
Roanoke, VA 24018
Phone: 540-774-6667

Drivel from his web site preaching his accolades and High Holiness:

[Dr. Farley received his D.D.S. degree from the University of Texas Health Science Center at San Antonio where he was valedictorian of his graduating class. He then completed a three year residency in Prosthodontics and obtained a Master of Science degree. He maintains a full time private practice limited to Prosthodontics in Roanoke, Virginia.

Dr. Farley is a member of the American College of Prosthodontics, the American Academy of Fixed Prosthodontics, and the Roanoke Valley Dental Society. He is also a member of the Omicron Kappa Upsilon Honorary Dental Society. He currently serves as the president of the Virginia Section of the American College of Prosthodontists.]

Much of this harm to me was done to protect people like David.

Prior to marrying his wife who has a father and others in dental practice, David worked for NASA as a professional photographer graduating from RIT in Rochester NY.

The other problem for David Farley beyond the 1981 attack and medical provider issues relates to an event circa 1977 in the winter.

David stopped over to visit one winter day and he wanted to walk out on the ice formations behind my parent's house on 4483 East Lake Road in Wilson NY 14172.

I advised him this might not be wise given the fact the pack is thick near the shore but gets treacherous once you get farther from the shore line.

We went down to walk along the lake and he started to journey too far out onto the pack ice. He then started to demand and implore me to walk out further with him, he was relentless and pushed too hard on it.

I refused and told him he has to come closer to me, it is not safe there, and if not, then I am going to the house to get dad.

This must have trapped him and he had to comply, we walked into my parent's home via the back door and went into the dining room where my father was waiting for us with hate in his eyes. God he was mad.....

My father started to berate me with a tirade that said I am being blamed for something he knew was not my fault. He was being unreasonable and I explained without making David seem too guilty that he did not know better and went out too far and I asked him to please come back in. My father did not want to hear this and then went to David who was standing on my right, my father was facing me, and he said to David I blame you since you should know better.

David then replied "But this is what you wanted, don't blame me!" So they must have discussed this and not had their ducks in a row for this outcome. Right as David said that my father said to David shut up and I got sucker punched and almost knocked out and fell to the floor. My father hit me with his left fist and knocked me to the floor.

This given what I now know about the involve of his parents in the transformer death trap with National Grid, formerly Niagara Mohawk, suggests that the motive or intent here was for me to fall to my death beneath the pack ice.

This was arranged.

There is a technique here also.

Duncan Ross made a comment about the PC based Unix product SCO (Santa Cruz Operation) Unix calling it Sex Change Operation.

David Farley commented when I was a child how he could picture my Great Aunt Gladys Baker and Great Uncle Art Baker as having their genitalia exchanged. Gladys with penis and Art with a vagina.

It was an odd non sequitur and I was not aware he even knew of or had met my Great Aunt and Great Uncle ever.

This was a way to refer to the sex acts done to me as a child where I was dressed up like a girl and raped.

Others in the Town of Wilson New York acted upon that as I said, even going so far as to serve me a fake draft notice inducting me into the Army when I was a child.

Atta Boy Luther!
Gender Bender Gerry Pender.

Problem is, another one that is, being David Warren Farley worked for NASA before becoming a DDS is that they'd have done a background check on him and discovered this and Farley is a photographer. Not rocket science.

So you have another problem now.

Courtesy hire and coverup, done to conspire and obstruct. Compel silence, etc.

The other problems again are of course David Farley being 5 years older than he really represented to me and others. Photographic expertise and home darkroom capabilities along with same for Dr. Laurence Fried at LLNL Livermore CA and Tom Faire of Wilson High School given the child harms and production of porn when Jennifer and I were children this looks even worse now. Attempts at homicide, collusion with hate crimes and arsons, etc.

Dr. Muhammad Zohur, MD Lewiston NY USA

Prior to the homicide attempt with David Warren Farley I was taken to Dr. Zohur when I was still in grade school since I had constant nose bleeds. I would sit and write my papers in school at my desk and a drop of blood would fall onto the paper. The teacher would accuse me of doing that and I said no they just happen. I'd often sit in the nurse's station all day with me thinking I'd drown in my own blood, my throat would get raw from it flowing down from my nose and they would refuse to stop bleeding. It was learned that I had an exposed vein in the nose and this doctor offered he could cauterize it and resolve the problem.

I was quizzed by Dr. Zohur as to how much it bled "When it bleeds does it bleed this much or theeze much or theeeze much?" I said it bleeds all day long etc, why not have a report from the school and have an adult witness this etc? Egads...

Here is his obituary since he has passed away also.

Posted: Tuesday, November 15, 2011 5:07 pm

Niagara Gazette

Muhammad Zohur, MD, of Lewiston, NY, passed away on Monday, November 14, 2011, in Niagara Hospice House, Lockport, NY, after a year-long struggle with angiosarcoma. He was born in Ludhiana, India, on October 1, 1939, the son of the late Muhammad Ali and Raiban Bibi Chaudhry.

Dr. Zohur came to the United States in 1963 and completed his specialty training at Buffalo General Hospital. He moved to Niagara Falls in 1971, where he continued to practice for the next 40 years, until retiring in October of 2010. Dr. Zohur was a member of the Niagara County Medical Society, the Asian Physicians Association, and the Buffalo Otolaryngological Society. His greatest pleasure was spending time with his beloved family and his cherished friends. He looked forward to his annual trips with his fishing buddies and he enjoyed traveling the world.

Dr. Zohur is survived by his wife of 42 years, Anne (Migdal) Zohur; two sons, Omar Zohur of New Orleans and Dr. Jamal (Dr. Niusha) Zohur of Lewiston, NY; one daughter, Alia (Robert) Wynne of Houston, TX; two grandchildren, Arian Zohur and Henry Wynne; two brothers, Khalid and Farooq; one sister, Saleha; and many nieces and nephews.

The family will be present on Thursday from 2-4 and 7-9 PM at the RHONEY FUNERAL HOME, 901 Cayuga Street, LEWISTON, NY, where funeral services will be held on Friday at 10:00 AM. Flowers are gratefully declined. Memorials may be made in his name to Niagara Hospice or to Roswell Park Cancer Institute. Inurnment will be in Riverdale Cemetery, Lewiston, NY at the convenience of the family.

Visit for guest register.

Dr. Subash Ramchand MD Lewiston NY USA

I visited this Dermatologist shortly after my father made the homicide attempt with David Warren Farley behind our new home at 4483 East Lake Road Wilson New York USA 14172 during the winter.

Since my father had punched me during the argument that ensued when I failed to fall into the ice pack out back, I later developed a facial sebacious cyst where the injury was, the right side of my face. I was not aware that this would cause this problem, and my mother refused to take me and told my father this is your doing you take him, she refused.

My mother knew this also, and not once did they TELL ME that this is what is causing you to have cysts, I had them all over my chest and shoulders since I was doing physical labor all the time. They just let this go on. They used to crack open and bleed, Dr. Argue was constantly making up these topical potions to get rid of them and that only made them worse, etc.

So my father took me to Dr. Ramchand's office on RT-78 in Newfane NY for him to treat the now swollen and infected cyst on my face. During the course of examining me, Dr. Ramchand asked me how did this happen and my father said "I did that.." or that is my fault. And the doctor said well you confessed knowing that causing injury this way will make a cyst appear and I did not know that.

And in his hackish way Dr. Ramchand froze the cyst and carved it open with a scalpel and muttered "Get luck kid" as he began to pinch and squeeze the core out of it. Of course that did not work and it remains today with now more scars on the outside of the face.

So in effect this doctor conspired since he is a mandated reporter, I was under 18 being 16 years old, and he knew my father had assaulted me to cause this and likely knew he had attempted homicide as well. Recently and before.

I see that the doctor passed away in 2012, here is his obituary from a local paper.

Posted: Tuesday, October 9, 2012 5:24 pm
Niagara Gazette

Dr. Subash Ramchand passed away peacefully, surrounded by his family on October 8th after a brief illness. Subash was the loving husband of Linda for 43 wonderful years, and his passion in life was the family they created together.

He was the proud father of his three sons Nikhil, Sunil, and Rajeev; and his beloved grandchildren, Ella, Ethan, and Lily. He is remembered fondly by his children-in-law, Katie, Michelle, and Patrick; his brother, Devinder, sister-in-law, Shantu; and their daughter, Anjali and family; as well as his three sisters, Neena, Vijay, and Rita and their families. Subash enjoyed a circle of close-knit friends in the Lewiston-Niagara area where he practiced medicine for 36 years. His family, friends, doctors, nurses, and other providers cared for and supported him while he was hospitalized.

When their hometown of Quetta erupted in flames during the partition of India, Subash at age 10 and his brother, Devinder, were given some money by their father who wished them "good luck" and told them to make their way to India. Not only did Subash find India, but he ultimately found and graduated from Grant Medical College, University of Bombay in 1961. He left home for New York to specialize in Pathology and was later hired as the first ethnic minority professor at Queens University Medical School in Kingston, Ontario where he met the love of his life, Linda. He then did a second specialty in Dermatology at Henry Ford Hospital in Detroit and came to Niagara Falls in 1976, where he made Lewiston his "home away from home." He maintained a thriving dermatology practice in the area where he was supported by a loving team of nurses and staff, and cared for many of the area's residents and their children until his recent hospitalization. Subash passed away with fond memories spent with his young children at Stella Niagara Education Park and summers on the golf course at the Niagara Falls Country Club. Most recently, he enjoyed spending time with his family in Washington, DC, where all of his sons make their homes, or traveling the world with his wife - he called their visit to Israel in 2010 his "favorite."

A Hindu cremation ceremony was held on Tuesday, October 9th. Visitation with the family will take place on Thursday, October 11th from 4-8 PM at the RHONEY FUNERAL HOME, 901 Cayuga Street in Lewiston. Subash's family will host a "Celebration of Life" gathering to which all family and friends are welcome on Friday, October 12th from 4-8 PM at the Niagara Falls Country Club. Subash was a strong supporter of high quality education and healthcare. In lieu of flowers, donations can be made to Stella Niagara Education Park, Canisius High School, or to the Dedication Fund at Mount St. Mary's Hospital Foundation in Lewiston, NY.
Visit for guest register.