How I was murdered in my own home and lived to pay for it.

Bad Luck For Sale - How You Declared War On Yourselves And Lost.

Kenneth Morris Banks III Cleveland Ohio USA

Bad Luck For Sale:

I had to point out a few conclusions I've summarized related to my life and work for and in and with the United States of America.

To that end I can understand that this is not a collection of bad luck, and dissociated events, but a longer and larger pattern of planned behaviours, that include murder(s).

The motive(s) are/is murder(s) and the want to suppress witness.

For one these people had knowledge.

And of things such as me being tortured, and murdered as a child.

My parents are involved in that also of course.

There is no defense to support the nature of the crimes done to me by what I now learn to include the State of NY as well as others, and the US Federal Government and any other persons who did the violence etc to me.

Offers that this would be punitive are specious at best and would be a confession in fact.

I have rights to due process, there is nothing there to support anything close to murder or felony theft, and much of this was done and by that over before I was 12 years old.

A marital and degree frauds don't help at all.

I worked for NY State, SUNY Buffalo, US Postal Service, US Internal Revenue Service, and US DOD and Raytheon.

I was proud to work for NY, The USA, the Nation State of Germany, and others.

Circa 2002 while coming home from a US IRS facility in Covington Kentucky, US IRS as proven by admissions and statements made by staff there prior to me driving home, an attempt to murder me was made via a deer/car hit involving a semi truck on I-90 in Angola NY USA.

Soon after that my wife acted to kill me using poison June 06, 2003.

I had medical intervention on that homicide that involved a helicopter, as well as medical expertise to save my life that likely cost over $500,000.00 USD.

I returned to NY only to have my wife return June 28, 2003 and a group of people representing Niagara County NY indicated to me that I needed to have my wife drive me to Buffalo General Hospital, that if I did not comply, they would call the Police, and in effect I was forced into a hospital setting against my will via the people who had just attempted murder.

Buffalo General Hospital and their group of quacks attempted to treat this as a mental health episode, again, which it was not, and then looked to attempt murder again by prescribing me as many as a dozen pills to take at once. No mention or effort was made to indicate to me what she had done, etc.

This is murder again on top of the intervention that was done less than 3 weeks prior.

Lunacy !

After having my health and other aspects of my life destroyed for no good reason I went to Tucson Arizona to work for Raytheon and the US DOD.

At the time I had lost what must have been over 125lbs, being 280lbs in 2003, and after Heike's efforts I was down to less than 155lbs in 2005.

I was pleased to work for Raytheon and to travel to Germany to work with them as well, and as was alluded to and predicted by others, my supervisor Roger Goode attempted to murder me July 25, 2005 by tripping me down the stairs as we went to lunch that Monday.

He failed.

This leaves me with these final thoughts and proves that you can not help, work for, or live in, the USA, and doing that would not only be undesirable, but impossible and tantamount to suicide.

You can't help such people or join their suicide cabals. It is also not legally possible.

Another last example that I have recently worked out, is another item related to the use of US Military persons, and that again involves one of the shills/friends who interloped. Kenneth Morris Banks III who served in the US Navy early on after meeting and living with Doug Golde, Tom Palisano, and I in Buffalo NY USA, was discharged from the USN early, on what looks to be an OTH or Other Than Honorable Discharge.

He never would talk about it much other than to say there were problems and it was something he did not want to discuss. He relented when we met again later after Heike acted and failed in 2003, since it started to seem like he wanted to tell me something and his problem with the Navy related to me. It did as he confided in me, he told me later on that he was asked to harm me by some agents of The US Navy during the course of him being enlisted there.

I said that is not good and I needed to know that. He agreed.

This has an obvious conclusion. Guilty.

And that provides motive for US Navy, Raytheon, and Diehl later in 07/25/2005.

Animated Rope Noose

Flash N The Pan - Hey St. Peter

Hey, St. Peter Flash and the Pan
Album Flash and the Pan

The morning was cold and lonely
City lights old and gray
The sun arose, and, trying to smile
Gave it all away
The honky-tonk called a stranger
The stranger couldn't pay the bill
Made a stand, raised his hand
Sang a song, no time to kill

I said, hey (hey), hey, St. Peter
I've got a tale to tell
I've just been down in New York town
It really feels like hell
It really feels like hell

Billy was out of fashion
Manhattan was years ago
Yesterday he wasted time
Money was kind of slow
Billy had friends of glory
Billy was a friend of fame
Took a chance and raised his hand
Sang a song, now he's back in the game

I said, hey (hey), hey, St. Peter
I've got a tale to tell
I've just been down in New York town
It really feels like hell (hell)
It really feels like hell)

I said, hey (hey), hey (hey), hey, St. Peter
Hey (hey), hey (hey), hey, St. Peter
Hey (hey), hey (hey), hey, St. Peter
It really feels like hell (hell)
It really feels like hell

Hey, St. Peter
Before you ring your bell
Just been down in New York town
Done my time in hell
Done my time in hell

I said, hey (hey), hey (hey), hey, St. Peter
Hey (hey), hey (hey), hey, St. Peter
Hey (hey), hey (hey), hey, St. Peter
It really feels like hell (hell)
It really feels like hell (hell)
It really feels like

Have A Goode Trip: From "American Soldier Ballads" by Frank Bernard Camp


With all these things to get our goats, we all are here to tell,
When the order comes to cross the pond we'll give the Germans

When the final taps is sounded and we lay aside life's cares,
And we do the last and gloried parade, on Heaven's shining

And the angels bid us welcome and the harps begin to play
We can draw a million canteen checks and spend them in a day,

It is then we'll hear St. Peter tell us loudly with a yell,
"Take a front seat you soldier men, you've done your hitch
in Hell."

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